Q&A: Territorial Vineyard & Wine Company

Pictures & Text by: Arturo “Tito” Onesto

Eugene, Ore – Alan Mitchell is the owner of Territorial. He along with another family provides the grapes that are used to make Territorial Wines in their urban winemaking facility, which is located in the Whiteaker neighborhood.

Territorial Vineyard & Wine Company

Territorial Vineyard & Wine Company

Tell me about your business how did it come about?

Well it was a natural progression; I’ve been growing grapes for over 25 years here in the Willamette Valley, managing vineyards and putting in vineyard for other people as well as my own. Almost 15 years ago in 2001 I got together with another grape growing family and we decided to start a winery, we took it to the next logical step of taking all of the fruit we were growing, instead of selling it to other wineries for them to make wine, for us to make our own out of it. It was a little bit spontaneous I never had a grand plan of starting a winery it just came together with the synergy between the two families. Continue reading

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Ron LaFond

Picture & Text by: Arturo “Tito” Onesto

Ron La Fond

Ron LaFond

Eugene, Ore – His house is hard to miss painted purple with green trim. Aside from the color the house the huge murals that surround his home give insight of the man who did them and the inside of his home is no different the neon room is the first thing visitors seen and the rest of his home is full or art painted onto the walls, and hanging from them. Continue reading

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Dynamic Water and Knowledge: The River Guide’s Motto

Being a river guide demands a lot of focus, knowledge of the water, and personality traits to help guide not only the river but the passengers as well.

Being a river guide demands a lot of focus, knowledge of the water, and personality traits to help guide not only the river but the passengers as well.

BY Devin Ream

Being a river guide sounds like a job that is too good to be true, you get to be outdoors, you only work 8 months of the year, and you get to work with people who are just like yourself.  There has to be a catch.  Right?

BLUE RIVER, Ore – Rafting along the McKenzie River is a small inflatable raft with 7 people on board.  Six are rowing forward while one man in the back yells “BUMP!”  The boat glides over the edge of a rock and then continues on its way down the river.

Seems like a simple rowing experience but without a good river guide in the back, that bump could have turned into an entire boat flipping over and causing people to get thrown into the river which may lead to injuries or worse. Continue reading

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Increase In College Students Helps Downtown Flourish

By: Alex Altman


Eugene, ORE. – The city of Eugene has been working on improving their downtown area for the past few years, and college students have something to do with that. With an increasing number of students coming to the University of Oregon as of late, a downtown area with an energetic and more lively vibe is in order. Students have quite the economic impact bringing in $5.3 million to the city of Eugene, according to suburbanstats.org. A lot of the money is being spent to renovate downtown to have newer bars, offices and housing. One of the new housing establishments that was recently built are the 13th and Olive apartments which feature free parking, a pool, clubhouse, computer lab and an entertainment room. These apartments are catered for college students and is one of the main reasons more college students are living in downtown Eugene.

  Continue reading

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Growing Up and Moving On: A Ceremony of Sorts

Riverbend Elementary

BY Travis Loose

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – The students have taken their places on the rostrum.

Seventy-six in total, most are twitching and swaying nervously, anxiously awaiting instruction for what to do with themselves.

As a teacher begins strumming her guitar, the students join her by singing together.

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3

I’ll be there

And I know when I need it

I can count on you like 4, 3, 2

You’ll be there

‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do Continue reading

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Bringing Community Together: The 2014 Great Whiteaker Cleanup

By Michaela Gilmer

EUGENE, Ore.—It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon at Scobert Part in the Whiteaker neighborhood. There in the middle of the park stood Wonder Woman. With a trash grabber tool in one hand and a bright pink water bottle in the other, she searches for any litter she could find on the ground. Quickly more superheroes file into the park to join Wonder Woman for the 2014 Great Whiteaker Neighborhood Cleanup.


Wayde Love at the 2014 Cleanup Photo by Michaela Gilmer

The Great Whiteaker Neighborhood Cleanup and Celebration began in 2004. Wayde Love, founder of the cleanup, had a simple yet powerful message for his fellow residents of the infamous Whiteaker neighborhood in Eugene: let’s bring people together. Community, as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a group of people living in the same place and/or having the same interests or characteristics. Ten years ago, eight residents of Whiteaker got together to clean up their streets. Love was among the eight people cleaning. He saw the importance and definite need for a neighborhood cleanup but lack of community awareness and involvement caused little change.

Continue reading

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A Journey Through Beer

By Matt Scotton

The Whiteaker neighborhood is chalked full of breweries, but not everyone loves beer the second they try it. Nevertheless it seems as if everyone has an opinion and wants to help you as you try them all.

Hop Valley Brewery Tasting Room

Hop Valley Brewery Tasting Room

EUGENE, Ore. — It’s a beautiful Eugene day and the sun is out in full force. Everyone seems to be outside soaking up the rays. The residential area of the Whiteaker neighborhood to the left is juxtaposed with Hop Valley Brewery. It stands in between two pretty bland buildings, so the splash of green like the inside of an avocado really pops to the naked eye. The rest of the building is dark wood paneling that lay horizontally with varying shades of brown. A man and his son sit out front discussing the Major League Baseball draft, which was currently taking place.

Continue reading

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Graphic Design & The Commercial World

By: Bryan Cargill

Jefferson Westside Neighbors is host to many graphic artists, some work from home while others own growing design shops. Their work ranges from making shirts for University of Oregon intramural teams to supporting local companies like Ninkasi.

Jefferson Westside Neighbors Streetview

Jefferson Westside Neighbors Street View

EUGENE, Ore. – There is a fine line between graphic artists and graphic designers as they often get placed in the same category. The difference according to graphic and web designer Tony Figoli, “Design is functional, art is dysfunctional.”

The US Department of Labor website says, “Graphic designers produce visual products through computer software or by hand, communicating concepts that inform, inspire and captivate consumers. Their objective is to develop overall layout and production design for their clients.”

Continue reading

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Q&A with Sports Illustrated Writer Robert Klemko

By: Michaela Gilmer


Robert Klemko is a pro football writer at Sports Illustrated (SI). Klemko also writes for an online publication covering the NFL, Monday Morning Quarter Back (MMQB). Klemko’s coverage does not focus on following teams and individual games exclusively. He often reports on issues of sports in society such as race and sexuality and its impact within the sport and the game.

MG: What made or inspired you to become a sports reporter?

RK: I went to high school in Silver Spring, Md. I had a journalism teacher who was very good and gave us a lot of freedom as well as guidance. In addition to that I played high school football and a little college. I stopped playing after my freshman year because of a collapsed lung and a shoulder injury.

MG: What inspired you to write about sports in society specifically?

RK: I wanted to write from a unique perspective, write about more than just the individual game. I remember falling in love with the idea of sports journalism while watching Kerri Strug perform her routine in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics despite having a broken ankle. That’s when I really started thinking about athletes as people, not just superstar figures. When I was growing up, baseball was the main sport but I also got to see the rise of the NFL and watching guys such as Kurt Warner and Brett Favre.

Continue reading

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Q&A With Dennis Scimeca


Freelance writer Dennis Scimeca – From his website, punchingsnakes.com

By Travis Loose

This is an edited email interview with Dennis Scimeca, a video game journalism freelance writer from Boston, Mass. He has been published by KotakuG4The Escapist and Ars Technica. His compiled works can be found on his blog, punchingsnakes.com.

What is the most important thing an aspiring writer should know about breaking into the industry? 

Some general advice:

– Forget the idea of there being some magic formula for breaking into the industry. It is different for everyone. Blind, stupid luck always seems to play a factor. The best you can do is work your ass off to get recognized, and then hope you are in the right place, at the right time. Continue reading

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