Kendall Tenney: Las Vegas News Anchor

By: Alex Guarino

Kendall Tenney News Anchor on Channel 3 In Las Vegas

Kendall Tenney News Anchor on Channel 3 In Las Vegas

Kendall Tenney is the founder of 10e Media, a full-service public relations and marketing company that specializes in media training. He started his business after an 18 year career in broadcast communications as a reporter/anchor.

AG: When did you first know you wanted to be in broadcasting?
KT: I had fleeting thoughts of being a broadcaster growing up, but it wasn’t until my junior year at BYU that I decided I wanted to really pursue a career as a journalist. Before that, I was majoring in chemistry with the intention of becoming a dentist like my dad.
AG: How did you get to where you are in your broadcasting career?
KT: During my last semester of college, I took a road trip to cities in the neighboring state of Idaho to visit television stations, meet news directors and drop off my resume tape. As a result, I landed a job in Pocatello, Idaho as a reporter/weekend anchor. After a year in Pocatello, I began looking for my next job in a larger market. I sent my updated resume to my former college professor to get his feedback. He subsequently recommended me his friend, Mike Cutler, who was News Director at KVBC in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike was looking for a new weekday anchor for the morning and noon shows at the NBC affiliate and he decided to hire me. I didn’t plan on staying in Las Vegas for more than five years as I aspired to return to my hometown of Dallas, Texas. Instead, I ended up getting numerous promotions and raises over the next 16 years and Las Vegas became home. While I had offers to go to other markets including Dallas, other stations didn’t match the money I was making in Las Vegas as a result of my longevity and the success of our newscasts.
AG: What was the best part of being a broadcaster?
KT: There are a million things I loved about broadcasting: meeting fascinating individuals, telling remarkable stories and shedding light on injustice to name a few. But I’d have to say my favorite part was the lifetime friendships I made over the years.
AG: What was the worst part of being a broadcaster?
KT: Constantly telling stories about terrible things happening to people. That eventually wore me out and played a huge role in my decision to begin a second career.
What are some tips you would give to me about being successful in the field?
Work hard. Write a lot. Listen, observe and learn everything you can from everyone you meet.
AG: What was your favorite memory about being a broadcaster?
KT: Covering the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It was a two week party and a welcome good news reprieve in the wake of 9-11.
AG: Why did you leave the field and decide to do your PR firm?
KT: I mentioned the emotional toll covering negative stories began to take on me. I had started to consider starting a PR firm in 2009 as my fifth contract with the station was coming to an end. KVBC offered a significant pay cut which for me, was a clear signal that it was time to begin a new career.
AG: Who did you look up to growing up in the broadcasting field?
KT: Bob Costas. He’s the best in the business, hands down.


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