Q&A with MLB.com Writer Greg Johns

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo courtesy of Twitter

By Matt Scotton

Greg Johns is a Seattle based journalist covering the Seattle Mariners for MLB.com.

Advice for aspiring sports journalists?

Get as much hands-on experience as possible. There is nothing more valuable than actually writing for a newspaper or website and getting experience on deadline and interviewing people, both for gaining the experience and to show prospective employers that you can do what they’re looking for and have writing clips to back it up.

What was the first job you got after college?

I worked as a sports writer at a small newspaper in Puyallup, Wash.

How did you get your current positions writing about the Mariners?

I was working for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer went it went out of business about four years ago, then got a job at the seattlepi.com website. But when MLB.com’s Mariners reporter retired, I applied for that job and was lucky enough to get hired.

How often do you turn out a project?

Covering the Mariners as a beat reporter for MLB.com means writing stories every day during the season, usually three or four a day when they’re playing games. Which in baseball is pretty much every day. During the offseason, we’re still expected to write three to four stories per week in order to keep the site active.

Where do you see yourself headed in the future?

I’m very happy working for MLB.com. It’s a good job and I’m not looking to go anywhere else at this point in my career. I’ve been at two newspapers that went out of business, so I’m glad to be at a website that is on solid financial footing, which is important for me as I have a family to support.

What is your favorite thing about covering sports?

I was never interested in a job that required sitting in an office doing the same thing day after day, so covering sports is a job that is always changing and always challenging. I enjoy sports and I enjoy writing, so being a sports writer is a pretty good combo. I get to travel around the country covering the Mariners, which isn’t always easy as it means being on the road constantly, but it is fun going to all the different cities and ballparks and working with interesting people.

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