Jayme Vineyard: Wug Bug and Mystic Fables Leather Owner

Article & Pictures by: Arturo “Tito” Onesto

Jayme Vineyard adding the finishing touched to a leather hat

Jayme Vineyard adding the finishing touched to a leather hat

Eugene, OR – The mood in the studio is calm, the music playing through the speakers is fitting for the space its different something that wouldn’t be heard anywhere but in this unique studio, its exotic. The studio is filled with paints, fabrics, and brushes; art is created here in more than one form. Workers come and go but one person remains constantly at work and that is Jayme Vineyard.

Vineyard, 33, is the creator of Wug Bug Organic Kid’s Clothing and Mystic Fables Leather, which focuses on making leather goods such as hats, bags, cuffs, and headpieces. Wug Bug was created in 2007 when Vineyard was expecting her first child and it started at the Saturday Market selling baby onesies. It has grown into a recognizable organic brand with over 60 stores across the US, and international stores in countries like Japan, France, Sweden, and Australia selling her products. Wug Bug sells shirts, sweaters, hoddies, caps, and onesies, which are all locally made from organic cotton, each is hand died and printed using low-impact dyes and phthalate-free ink.

Wall Full of Wug Bug cothing

Wall Full of Wug Bug cothing

Vineyard’s biggest influences came during her time in New Orleans, where she worked for two different sculptors, they taught her about the art of business and the art of creation. “One had a production line of small sculptures that she sold in stores and tourist shops in New Orleans and I made molds for her and mass-produced her stuff.” She says, “then the other person I worked for was Randy Morrison, assisting in larger than life Marti Gras floats, and fun, fantastic large sculptures and that was the artful side”.

Olive DelSol, Vineyard’s apprentice describes her as, “honest and real. She is a great friend. Endlessly reworking her craft.” As far as her time in the apprenticing under Vineyard, DelSol says, “It’s been wonderful. There is always good creative energy in the shop.” Vineyard has a way of making everyone in the studio relaxed and comfortable creating a great work environment.

Leather Flowers

Leather Flowers

Vineyard has faced the hardships of making money while sticking to her beliefs, she says, “I’m running a mercantile business in a capitalist society which is a challenge, because I want to still stick to my morals, which are wanting to make products locally from organic materials and it creates an expensive product.” Vineyard knows that the people who want to buy organic and locally made clothing often don’t have the funds to purchase it so they have to make sacrifices in order to get it and she combats this problem by constantly having sales.

As far as what the future holds for Vineyard and Wug Bug she has two options, either sell it and focus on Mystic Fables Leather, or keep it rebrand, get re-inspired and create a bunch of new designs. If there is something that Vineyard lives by is this, “there is no right way of living, there’s lots of ways of being in the world, there is not a right way or a wrong way, just a lot of different ways.” This has created a fearless leader and someone who isn’t afraid to take both personal and business risks.

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