Eric Thomason: Owner of Wrap City Food Cart

By: Alex Guarino

Wrap City food cart located in Kesey Square in downtown Eugene

Wrap City food cart located in Kesey Square in downtown Eugene

EUGENE,Ore-At 1:00 pm in downtown Eugene, people filled the streets enjoying the beautiful sunny day. Four food carts filled Kesey Square with lines of people ordering and waiting for their food. A yellow house-like food cart, with a green overhang had the longest line of people. The owners, Jessica and Eric Thomason, had their customers laughing with conversation.

Thomason opened their food cart on April 9, 2012 in Eugene, Oregon. Thomason is from Lake Stevens Washington area while Jessica was from Eugene Oregon. He picked this area for their food cart because they loved the atmosphere and how packed it gets, especially on days when it’s sunny. “We are very blessed to have this amazing experience,” said Thomason.

“We promote organic, and locally grown food. My wife and I eat the food that we make every night. Its great food and its healthy enough. People seem to enjoy it,” said Thomason. Having his wife working side by side with him is everything he ever wanted and more. “He was a chef and I never saw him because he worked so much! That’s the real reason.We wanted to see each other,” said Jessica. He explained a story about one Thanksgiving he didn’t come home from work until 6:00 pm, and his wife had been cooking for him all day. He was sad because he felt like he missed celebrating the holiday with her, which is what got the ball moving to start up their food cart here in Eugene.The smile he has on his face while working can really brighten up anybody’s day. He brings character and personality to the area, and really connects to his customers. “We love it. It’s a blast. We would never have it any other way. We are absolutely living the dream. We are very happy –– life really couldn’t be any better.”

He puts a lot of time and effort in owning and keeping the food cart running smoothly. Making sure he gets the food out in a quick enough time and not letting the customers wait to long. When the line got longer and longer you could tell Thomason got a little overwhelmed and just wanted to keep the customers happy.

Thomason and Jessica thought it would be a good idea to give back to the Eugene community. He enjoys helping others, so he decided to give 10% of the profits back to a different charity every month. He has given back to Eugene Police Department, Soromunundi, Lesbian Chorus of Eugene, Eugene Mission and many more.

Thomason and Jessica both love their customers and are so happy to have made and met some wonderful friends and people by this experience. They are both very kind-hearted and wonderful people who enjoy making others happy by what they love to do. They really put 100% effort into their food cart every day just to make their customers happy and keep them coming back for more.








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1 Response to Eric Thomason: Owner of Wrap City Food Cart

  1. Jeanne Walker says:

    I am so proud of Eric and Jessica! An Aunt couldn’t be more happy for two beautiful people whom she loves so much. Keep up the great job and love one another forever. Lve Aunt Jeanne

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