Amplitude and frequency modulation still hip in Trainsong

The garden of Henry Jones, a Trainsong resident.

The garden of Henry Jones, a Trainsong resident.

BY Travis Loose

EUGENE, Ore. — This just in: News radio still exists — and people are still listening to it.

Though technological advances have superseded the widespread usage of good ol’ AM and FM radio, some residents of Trainsong still believe in its ability to deliver current quality news.

John R., a Trainsong resident for the past 6 years, said that he tunes in to 1340 AM out of Corvallis, and also occasionally listens to National Public Radio for his daily news fix.

“I listen to KWVA in the morning,” Dan Maricle said. In the 9 months that he has lived in Trainsong, Maricle said, “I read the paper occasionally, but hardly ever.”

In fact, the newspaper was the least popular medium for receiving news among Trainsong residents.

However, Oregon Public Broadcasting, in its various iterations, was highly lauded by at least one Trainsonger.

Henry Jones has lived in the Northwest Eugene neighborhood for the better part of 30 years, and said that he gets a majority of his news from OPB.

“It’s about 80 to 90 percent of my news,” Jones said. “I’ll watch the national news networks every once in a while, but it’s mostly National Public Radio and OPB.”

He said that the high cost of newspaper subscriptions, as well as the general lack of bias, is what motivates his decision to stay loyal to his preferred news sources.

Jones asked, “Why does the Register Guard deal with only sensationalistic crimes stories and feel good fluff news on the front page?”

Cliff Gray, a Trainsong resident for 4 years, understands the sentiment.

Cliff Gray, a Trainsong resident.

Cliff Gray, a Trainsong resident.

“I don’t subscribe to it anymore,” Gray said of the Register Guard.

In a surprising twist, Gray actually made reference to the internet and television as his sources for news.

“Facebook … sometimes, if it’s interesting,” Gray said. “I do watch CNN on TV, unfortunately.”

Also, Al Jazeera and MSNBC are his other preferred options in a pinch.

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