JWN: Where they get their news

JWN residents and business owners get their news from different places



People in the Jefferson Westside Neighbors Neighborhood get their news from various places.

Matt Sandler, a professor at the University of Oregon, is well informed about current events. He gets his news from various websites like CNN, the New York Times, and Gawker. When asked whether or not he clicks on links on social media websites he said, “I’ll click on links on Twitter, but never on Facebook.” Sandler brought up a great point about the ever changing journalism industry. “I think the fact that we get our news from amateurs is interesting,” said Sandler. In a world where television news is dying and information is everywhere, anyone can be a reporter. In most cases it is not a famous news anchor that is the first in the field reporting on a natural disaster. It is whoever is closest and has the resources to report. 

Business owner Collin Rau says he feel out of the loop in regards to current events. The  Malaysia Airlines aircraft that went missing was big news all around the world. However Rau was not aware of it until someone at work had brought it up. Rau said, “I did not even know about that airplane thing until several weeks after.” Rau is a fan of news and wants to be informed about what goes on in the world, however time is a factor for him, “I like the news, I just don’t have the time.” Rau’s operation of a popular business keep him busy all the time. Rau is more concerned about operating his business than what is happening all over the world.

Esteban Camacho, a resident of the JWN neighborhood and student at the University of Oregon, gets his news from resources at the University of Oregon. Camacho stated that his listens to University of Oregon radio station KWVA and gets his news from there. Camacho also reads newspapers to get his news. 

Different people get their news from different places. Whether it is word of mouth, the internet or local radio stations, information is available and it is up to you to determine where to go to when something newsworthy happens.


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