How Do You Get Your News Downtown Eugene?

By: Alex Altman

Willamette St. on a sunny Thursday

Willamette St. on a sunny Thursday

EUGENE, Ore. – According to a survey last Thursday, the people of downtown Eugene seem to prefer to obtain their news online. There are many different ways of getting news in today’s world, and from workers to residents, everyone has a unique opinion on how to obtain news. Local native Kaia Reinke feels that the internet is the best way to go to get her news, “It’s free.” Reinke says, “I’ll see news on Facebook, I’m also subscribed to emails from the Daily Beast, and that’s mainly where I get everything from.”  The internet is covered with media and news and it makes it very simple to find out the latest breaking news.

Plume Red Heritage Goods is a classy craft store located on 861 Willamette Street. Cashier, Nicole Desche, also feels that the internet is her number one news source, but her favorite sites are based off of the local television channels. “I view local news stations, and then the local paper online such as the Register-Guard, The Weekly or The Emerald.” Desche said, “I’ll watch KEZI online as well.”

With websites getting more practical and accessible, people still receive their news in various ways. John Faville states, “I get it online, I read the Register-Guard and I watch the news. I use Google News and I use Huffington Post.”

More and more people are heading into the direction of using the internet as a news source, but another popular media alternative is still the use of television.  Mary Alsop is a street worker in downtown Eugene and we asked her where she obtains her news from, “Television channels such as KVAL and KEZI.” Alsop said, “I really like World News a lot because you can tell worldwide what’s going on.”

A shocking 100% of people interviewed said that they obtain news from the internet one way or the other. 75% of people like to get their news from local media sources such as The Daily Emerald, KEZI and KVAL. An interesting tidbit is that nobody stated that they get news from a physical newspaper anymore. The media world is evolving faster than we think, better hold onto your hats.



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