Downtown Eugene News

By: Alex Guarino

EUGENE, Ore.  On Thursday afternoon the people of downtown Eugene discussed how they get their news. There are many ways to get news, and from residents to workers in downtown Eugene they all have their own opinion to share about it.

A woman named Kaia Reinke, who was sitting outside eating her lunch, said she gets her news from “The internet. It’s a lot [more] handy and easier. Its also free. I’ll see news on Facebook as well. I am also subscribed to emails from the Daily Beast, and that’s mainly where I get everything from.” It’s very easy to follow news now a days because it’s at touch of a button your mobile device. There are so many different apps and emails you can get for local, U.S, and even worldwide.


A beautiful sunny day in Downtown Eugene

A beautiful sunny day in Downtown Eugene

A man sitting outside enjoying the sun, outside of Townshend’s Eugene Teahouse Thursday afternoon, named John Faville said he gets his news from multiple ways, “I get it online, I read the Register-Guard, and I watch the news.” His favorite way to obtain news he said was probably online. I use Google News and I also use Huffington Post. Websites are getting easier to use for every age group, and make it very easy to access news from many different news sources online.


A crafty store in Downtown Eugene

A crafty store in Downtown Eugene

Nicole Desche, a worker at the store Plume Red Heritage Goods in downtown Eugene said she gets her news from online as well. She prefers to look at the news online rather than her phone because she’s “usually at work and have easy access to computer.” Her favorite websites she said, “Local news stations, and then the local paper online such as the Register-Guard, The Weekly, or the Emerald. But my number one news source would probably have to the Register-Guard.”

More people gravitate to using online sources to get their news, but a still popular source to get news is on the television. A worker named Mary Alsop, who keeps the streets and sidewalks clean in downtown Eugene, says she gets her news from, “A lot of different sources. Television channels such as KVAL and KESI, sometimes Facebook.” “I really like World News a lot because you can tell worldwide what is going on.”

Everyone in this interview said they get news from the internet, and the other popular way was online local media sources like the Daily Emerald, KVAL etc. But what about the actual newspaper? No one in this study said they get their news by reading the daily newspapers. Out with the old, in with the new.

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