Sports Broadcasting Blog: Why’s This So Good?

On March 11th Sage Steele, host of NBA Countdown on ESPN/ABC, had a short feature news story written about her. It was a day that someone recognized her talents and all the hard work that she puts into her career as a sports broadcaster.

Sage Steele might be tall but don’t let that fool you. “People think I played sports in high school. I was never a good enough athlete…I knew the second best thing would be to talk about it,” Steele said in the interview. Steele can easily capture ESPNS viewer’s attention. She adds beauty and excitement to the screen, something extra that many announcers cant do said the feature story.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do since she was younger. “I knew from the eight grade what I wanted to do with my life. So for me, this is just the fulfillment of my dream and my goals. I had four internships during and after school. My first job was at the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis. From there I went to Tamp, Florida,” said Steele. She has been working hard for this career since she was little, and look how much she has accomplished. On top of the hard work and time that goes into her career, she is a wife and mother of three, as well as finding time to work out at the crack of dawn every morning. She has worked hard to get to where she is, and is very thankful for every opportunity that has been given to her.

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