MLB Blog: Why’s This So Good?

By Katie Rosenblad

In a feature on Game 2 of the 2002 World Series by Doug Miller I find many things that appeal to me. In the article Miller writes with such imagery to describe Angels’ pitcher Troy Percival’s (retired in ’09) routine in the bullpen as he prepares to enter a game. He compares Percival’s actions to that of a horse and I like how oddly and yet well it works.

Miller wrote:

When Troy Percival enters a game, he always performs the same routine.

The Angels’ closer saunters out of the bullpen calmly and pointedly, paces a few feet on the outfield grass, then begins an all-out sprint to the mound….

‘I was chomping at the bit,’ he says.

As the Angels’ late-inning stallion, Percival is more of a short-striding quarterhorse type, not a long-winded thoroughbred. He usually takes the ball for one inning — the last inning….

[O]ut in the bullpen, Percival looked like a headstrong colt ready to pop out of the gate and get moving….

I wasn’t upset, because I know the job our guys can do,” Percival said. “I was just so ready to get in there and I got my reins pulled.

I think this works well because Miller is describing the action that occurs just before going onto the field, but he also creates a great metaphor. He creates an imagery that leaves readers fully able to grasp what was happening in that moment without having to have been present at the game or watch it on television.

Miller’s ability to draw the reader in with this description is what I like most about this story. I also like how he continues the story and brings in Percival’s teammates reactions to his entrance of the game and what it meant for him to be doing so. Miller creates an emotion and, though he tones it down as the story continues, he maintains it throughout while providing more information to the reader.

For the full excerpt above and the story it came from please visit – Game 2: Percival Gets the Call 

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