Mariners Blog: Why’s This So Good

By Matt Scotton

Right before Christmas when Robinson Cano signed a contract to be a Seattle Mariner, I was just as excited as everyone else for the early Christmas present. The best second baseman in the Majors was going to be playing on the team I rooted for for 162 games. I did not watch a ton over New York Yankee games, so I did not know a ton about the personality of Cano before he came to Seattle.

Jerry Brewer wrote a feature about Cano when he was getting ready for his debut at Safeco Field. From the first words of the feature Brewer does a great job of trying to capture how Cano play. He does not tell us; he shows the us:

Robinson Cano appears to be the most comfortable man on the planet. Nothing is too difficult, or daunting, for him. He doesn’t just make baseball look easy; he makes it look easy and elegant. He even kicks dirt with grace.

Later we learn how his first game in Seattle as a Mariner went. There was a lot of speculation as to how it was going to go, but in sports anything is possible. However, it does not always go as you would like it to go:

It wasn’t a fairytale Safeco debut for Cano on Tuesday night, but who needs a Disney moment? The true story is more intriguing. Cano is yours. He’s Seattle sports royalty, and he’s a talent to behold, even if he grounds into the occasional double play.

Brewer goes on to write about how the confidence from Cano is infectious to everyone around him. Sometimes that is what a young team needs:

Cano is crazy enough to think the Mariners, who still have some glaring holes, can be a factor this season. And here’s what’s even crazier: When he speaks, you can’t help but nod your head.

The story does a great job talking about all of the confidence that Cano has and how that will help the Mariners as they attempt to be relevant this season for the first time in a long time. It also talks about his journey to Seattle.

Check out the feature story featured in this post here.

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