Wandering Coffee (and beer) Drinkers

By Michaela Gilmer


Photo by Michaela Gilmer


EUGENE, Ore.-As you enter the shop, it is difficult to miss the abstract art that fills the olive green walls as the smell of fresh coffee and sounds of glass cups clinking together fill the air. The lighting in the room is dim but the overcast, grey skies outside give the room more light. To the left, a young woman with short blonde curly hair tied up in a ponytail walks holding a butter knife to a small table for two. She sits down on a similar black wooden chair, takes a sip from a white, medium sized cup and slowly uses the butter to knife to spread a yellow paste on to her seeded vegan bagel.

As she continues to prepare her food, another woman wearing a mustard colored jacket and an ankle length magenta skirt walks through the single glass door towards the counter where she tries to get the attention of a woman with a long dark red pony tail and a pierced nose. The woman standing behind the counter is cleaning a complex espresso machine. She stares at the steam the machine lets out through her thick black rimmed eyeglasses.

She passes an older man who is staring at his silver Mac Book Pro while drinking a dark beer with a blue label. Eyes peer towards him when the sound of his beer loudly hits the surface of the wooden table.

Music begins playing, stealing the attention of everyone in the room. A killer guitar solo surrounds the room and the sound of drums echoes it. A deep voice of a mans voice comes on over the music and he is screaming (or singing) words no one seems to understand or care for. The music continues but the sounds of coffee beans spilling into a metal container catch more attention.

Looking onward there is a man with short curly ginger hair and full facial hair to match, sitting at table made for two. He is wearing a sky blue t-shirt with two white ear buds in each ear as his gazes to his left out the window. Across the table, all that sits is a bright magenta yoga mat carefully rolled-up tightly and a black backpack. On the table in front of him sits a pure white coffee cup, two pieces of paper and a black pen.

The taste and feel of hot coffee with a thick layer of foam on top distracts most in the room. The warmth on the fingertips of those picking up the perfectly white coffee cups as they prepare to taste a delicious and hot beverage. The sound of glass clinking glasses as a cup is placed on a small white plate with an inner deep circle that holds the cup in its place

A woman with short black wavy hair fair skin walks to her table carefully holding a white plate with two hot biscuits that are steaming the light brown gravy poured on top. She places the plate on the table and sits down. She slowly uses a silver knife and fork to cut small bites while aimlessly starring at her black IPhone 5 down at the table. The hot steam from her food dissolves up into the air.

A woman wearing all black with pale skin walks past holding a full cup of coffee. “Cappuccino!” she yells before disappearing out of sight. Ten seconds later she returns, walking towards the counter and no longer holding the cup.

The woman in all black with pale skin stands alone behind the counter. She bobs her head up and down to the beat of the heavy guitar and drums that once again fill the room.

About Michaela Gilmer

I am a full-time student majoring in Journalism at the University of Oregon. I am passionate about working in either sports or music. For my entire life, I have wanted to develop my career around helping others and I plan on doing just that through reporting journalism. I believe journalism is a literary art form, but is also rooted in social action because journalists create ideas and stories that generate numerous responses and actions. For example, if I write a story about a low-budget high school where men’s basketball could no longer be offered, anyone who reads my story could take action on the issue I presented. Individuals may contact the school board and demand a meeting about the budget and the severity of cutting men’s basketball. I want to cover this aspect of journalism because I want to expose these issues in order to lead to action in changing them. I want to work in sports because there are many complexities with both amateur and professional sports. I want to write about ethics and politics within sports, specifically baseball, basketball and football. There needs to more research about NBA/NFL/MLB fines and how these fines are not the answer to fixing problems. Ultimately, my goal is to write and work for ESPN the Magazine. I am seeking work and internship opportunities in writing, reporting, branding, digital media, marketing, business journalism and event planning/organizing.
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