Where Am I?

By: Alex Guarino

A relaxing day in Downtown Eugene

A relaxing day in Downtown Eugene

The aroma of different loose-leaf teas, the loud chatter of people enjoying themselves, the clinging of cups, and the sound of steam is what you hear and smell. The dimmed lights really set the mood of the atmosphere. You look around and you see college students on their computer, you see textbooks out that read “History Of Life” and “World History”. You also see others sitting just enjoying a good book or laughing and catching up with a friend. Comfortable couches as well as table and chairs fill the room. The walls are dark brown, a cabin-like and modern feel to it with some posters on the wall when you walk in.

Sitting and listening to others conversations are very fulfilling. A younger college student sits at a table with her female friend. One woman who took the seat by the window is wearing a black sweatshirt with black legging with brown Uggs. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun and she looks a little bit tired. Her friend is a little more put together; she wears a cream sweater with a cheetah print scarf putting it with black leggings and tall brown knee high boots. They both sit at the table waiting for their order to come. Finally their drinks come; both ordered what looks to be a boba tea. This is when they start to gossip about a party last weekend. Both are talking about their mutual friend getting way to drunk at a party and passing out before 10:00 pm. They are in a way making fun of that friend and said how embarrassing she was acting. Their sorority friends didn’t approve of her and they wont be bringing her back to any “function” again.

Another couple walks in; they look to be the stereotypical “Oregonians”. The man comes in with dreads as well as his girlfriend who also has dreads. The man has his dreads tied up in a ponytail while his girlfriend has them hanging down passed her shoulders. The man wears green pants with socks and sandals while his wife is wearing a long floral looking dress with burking stocks. They go straight to the couch in the back of the room and take their computers out of their backpacks that they both are wearing. They really turned heads when they walked in; grabbed others attention. They sat far away from everyone in the corner in the back of the room; it really makes you wonder why.

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