Slice It

By: Alex Altman

     A slice of downtown Eugene can come in the shape of a pizza. On a typical spring day in Eugene, a mix of rain and sunshine covered the downtown Eugene sidewalk. With few people outside in the wet downpour, many sought shelter inside the pizza parlor to enjoy a warm slice and maybe even a brew. Inside the establishment, customers seemed to be content with the warm and somewhat cozy environment where customers could relax and unwind. It was a slow day for the business as about 10 or so customers were inside eating or awaiting their food. Most of the customers were with friends chatting away, those who were dining alone were often on their laptops diligently working the evening away.

     Many sounds emitted from the restaurant. The constant hum of the soda machine was running but it was constantly cut in by the cashier yelling, “Number 95! Your order is ready!”. The woman working the cashier was a rather talkative brunette woman in her mid-30’s. She continued to gossip with her coworker about her friends as 1950’s rock n’ roll music echoed throughout the business. It had a real half restaurant half bar vibe as the cold and creamy Rainier on draft was an affordable $3. The tables had a wooden design with a smooth finish for an intricate, yet smooth eating surface. Some might call this a ‘hipster environment’.

Image     At 3:04 pm two women and a man sat down. The first woman had vibrant green hair and a denim jacket for a ‘punk’ vibe. She had short hair and seemed to be in a relationship with the man she was with. He had a closely trimmed beard with a red sweater and black skinny jeans. The other female seemed to be a friend of theirs as she had short brown hair as tattoo’s and piercings covered her body. They discussed various films such as Harry Potter and Alfred Hitchcock films such as Psycho and The Birds, “You have to at least watch one Alfred Hitchcock film,” the man says, “He’s my favorite director and one of the all-time greatest.” The brunette woman was staring at her phone and didn’t seem too intrigued.

     At 3:11 pm, and after a lot of silence between the three of them, their food finally arrived. As they ate their pizza they discussed other foods at other restaurants, such as Taco Bell, and shared their opinions with each other. Throughout their conversations, they would randomly yell out “You’re a blizzard Harry!” as they all found it to be funny. They continued to speak quietly to each other until 3:20 pm when the man suggested “Do you guys want to hit up the smokeshop?”. They all seemed interested and cleaned up their food to leave.

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