Observing with Tea


By: Michelle Miley

Within just a short 30 minutes, this cozy home to hundreds of loose-leaf teas is now bustling with an array of people. Citizen Cope plays on shuffle in the background and that cute old lady duo is still here laughing about past times. One can barely yell, “That’s exactly it!” as she is cracking up in a very distinct, harsh laugh. She stands out with her quirky outfit that consists of a grey wool sweater with a hot pink turtle neck peaking out from underneath and red glasses. On the other side of these women sitting beneath hanging plants and antique lamps are a young couple absorbed in their work. They are quite a different pair than the nonstop talking older women. This couple is fixated directly next to a group of large windows with their laptops and iPads out, not even speaking to one another. What a generation difference.

No matter what place you enter in Downtown Eugene their will always be a cast of characters. From the moment you enter this particular door and walk up the black ramp to the smell of tea and pastries, you never know what you’re going to get. Business men, college students, local hippies, amongst others, can all be found within this quaint house of tea.

The most distinct fixtures within the room are the plush, antique couches. One is of a citrus green velvet placed in front of the ramp with the floor to ceiling windows to its left. A few feet across sits a similar couch but with white paisleys engraved within the pattern. The dark wooden table in the middle of these two is scattered with silver tea kettles and mini tea cups. A young woman sits in a green chair adjacent to her mother who sits on the paisley couch. They seem to be catching up and exchanging tastes of each others hot tea.

A line of customers, wet from the rain, has begun to grow as another wave of people shuffle in. Although it is cold out, everybody seems to be ordering something a bit different, hot or cold, from the plethora of teas. The Black Milk Tea is refreshing and sweet with Boba floating upon the bottom. It goes great with a chocolate croissant on a rainy afternoon.

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