Music Fills The Walls

By Matt Scotton

EUGENE, Ore. — Pull up into the parking lot and hope that you can find a spot. No one seems to have a problem finding one, but three parking spots does not seem like enough. The yellow paint of the exterior mixed with its blue trim can catch even the most obvious person’s attention. The fact that giant windows line the the font of the building gives you a sneak peak at all of the treasures that could bring music to anyone’s ears.

boom-ba-duh-boom-boom-ba-duh echos throughout the room as you walk into the building. A man completely consumed by his music sits there with his eyes closed. His beard is trimmed close and hangs onto his face for dear life. After the music fades, a childlike smile fills his face from ear-to-ear.

“Yeah mine got stolen”

The man looks at the bongo drums for a half a second before he lets out a sigh, throws on his grey sweatshirt and walks outside.

The walls to the left are lined with ukuleles of every color of the rainbow. However, the traditionalists in the room would prefer the majority of them in a variation of brown. A clerk goes around making sure everyone can find everything they need. His grey hair is parted on the left and held down tight with his gel. The blue apron his is wearing proudly states the name of the business and looks as if it has just come out of the wash; not a blemish to be found. The clerk talks with everyone who comes in as if he is their old friend. A bouquet of purple and white flowers sit on the counter next to him as he greets everyone.

“If I wasn’t human I’d roll around in these lilacs”

The customer he is talking to starts laughing and continues shopping. Slowly making his way through the store until he get the the sheet music. Thumbing through the music until he gets to the saxophone music. He stops when he gets to the Charlie Parker music. The cover is adorned with a pencil drawing of the Yard Bird playing his sax. The clerk comes out into full view of everyone.

“Alright guys, don’t mean to rush you, but we’re actually closing. Be sure to come back soon though”

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