It’s All in the Sauce

Whiteaker Rusted Car Body

Whiteaker Rusted Car Body

Image and text by: Arturo “Tito” Onesto

Walking in, there are many things that awaken the senses quickly, the first being the sweet smell of barbecue in the air, the second being the sounds of horns and drums in the soulful music playing throughout the restaurant and lastly the amount of people enjoying a meal whether it’s a family, co-workers or a bunch of friends catching up over an authentic southern meal.

I sat by myself in a corner of the restaurant the perfect place to people watch and enjoy my meal, which consisted of a pulled pork sandwich, mashed potatoes and a tall glass of grape Kool-Aid. The restaurant walls are covered with pictures of great African-Americans from the past, figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Al Green, and T-Bone Walker accompany me in my people watching.

As the food makes it way towards it final destination, the eagerness and hunger take over to the point that conversations are non-existent in some tables, the only sounds coming from those tables are the grunts and hums of satisfaction. One guys is schooling his friends about soul food saying, “It’s all in the spice that’s what makes African-American food so good!” the others just nodded in agreement, hoping he shuts up and lets them enjoy their meal.

My food comes, making it extremely difficult to think about anything else but what lies in front of me. I was eager to try it since I’ve heard so many great things about this place, and I have to say I was not disappointed the sandwich it was amazing the BBQ sauce, pulled pork and coleslaw all complimented each other so well. Washing it down with some Kool-Aid made the meal that much sweeter.

From the moment the door is opened and customers walk in to the restaurant its an experience. The atmosphere quickly draw’s people in, it serves as the teaser. The meal is the climax and it justifies the choice of eating at the restaurant. Then comes the end as I walk outside from the same door that welcomed me in, the only thought in my mind was, “I need to come back”!

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