Creeping in a pastry shop


Coffee makes the world go round. Pastries make the world go round too. So does, money. But for our purposes coffee and pastries make the world go round.

Nestled between the busy streets of 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue sits a pastry shop that serves amazing coffee. This pastry shop is well known to out-of-towners, college students and residents of Eugene, Oregon. In this pastry shop all types of life walk through the doors. From elderly women who want to chat about elderly women things to college students who want a coffee and pastry break before their next class. This building sees it all. In here, people can leave their worries behind for 30 minutes or so and enjoy the wonderful pastries that are offered.

The pleasant smell of pastries, coffee, donuts, and ice cream fill the stagnant air and offer an early morning wake-up call. On the outside, the building is reminiscent of the Los Angeles Lakers as the building is painted purple and yellow. On the inside, the colors are even more striking. Every wall is a different color. There is an orange wall, a green wall, and a red wall. In a high end restaurant this color scheme would be considered out of whack, but here the random colors of the wall bring the building to life. On these oddly colored walls sit paintings of mouth-watering ice cream. Soft lights hang from the ceiling. Next to these lights are security cameras. The security cameras offset the cheerful vibe. They are not that noticeable, but in this place of tranquillity, customers are  reminded of the evils of the world.  Adjacent to the building is a rundown house with broken fences and a porch a homeless man would not call home. Maybe that’s why the cameras are in here. Nonetheless, customers don’t seem to be bothered by the cameras, rundown house, or the suspect ally that the building is at the end of.

Customers enter one door and exit through another. As they enter the front door a bell rings, letting the workers know they have company. Nothing new there. But when customers leave, they are left with a mirrored image of themselves. Next to the exit door, there is a massive mirror on the wall. Customer always stare at the mirror as the leave the building. The reason as to why the owner would place a mirror in that location is unknown. Maybe the owner wanted customers to look at themselves after they have finished a meal and be reminded of how good the meal was. Or maybe the owner is just narcissistic. Who knows.

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