An Eclectic Bakery Exudes Character

By: Rachel Ibanez

Walking into the small coffee and bakery shop, the sound of Italian style music and the hum of a refrigerator fills the room. There is a line that spans the entire length of the refrigerated display that holds a plethora of colorfully decorated desserts. The long line of excited and smiling customers can choose from any sweet treat that the mind can think of; everything from cookies and creme brulee to cake, pie and cupcakes. The subtle smell of coffee and the loud grunt of an espresso machine encourages patrons to pair a wide mug of coffee with their confection of choice.

A group of four college-aged friends walks in at 8 p.m. They do not stop smiling, laughing or chatting for the entirety of their visit to the well-known bakery. They choose which table to sit at among the other customers ranging from quiet couples, a mother and daughter, and small families. The group of friends tells stories of their weekend while they wait for their treats to be ready. “Three creme brulees!” one of the middle aged female employees yells out cheerfully. The 20-something year-old woman excitedly jumps up from her table and grabs ahold of her dessert. Each friend has their own dessert and they stick their forks into each other’s treats. “Let me try yours,” one friend says, as the other attempts to block their fork from stealing a bite of their delectable key lime pie.

The orange and red tiled walls, wooden ceiling and unique, vintage green chairs exude a warm and friendly atmosphere where each person who walks in cannot help but smile. Food is the theme among the decor: there are displays of three-tiered cakes, a painting of a croissant and a to-go cup of coffee, and photographs of children eating yummy looking treats.

Along one of the walls is a shelf with colorful candles. These candles not only add a touch of personality, they also add more color to the already vibrant walls.  Towards the ceiling on another wall, is a shelf full of teapots, each having a unique look and style. One of the teapots looks like it could have been found in the cabinets of a grandmother fifty years ago, another looks hand painted, possibly by a Eugene local.

The line does not stop, but it does not feel crowded. Despite the many people that choose to fulfill their sweet tooth on this Tuesday night, there is always an open table. A place to come to share stories with friends, have a date night or relax alone, this bakery and coffee shop sets itself apart with its energy and excitement for sweets. It exudes character and uniqueness, a perfect example of Eugene’s eclectic style.

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