A Slice of Life

By: Bryan Cargill

Upon encountering the cozy wooden alcove to purchase a mini, small, medium, or large pizza, the smell of breads and cheeses wafts throughout the room. Infatuating a moment of desire; one can only succumb to carefree indulgence.

Moving across the dining area lined with crooked rows of sticky glossed tables, brown plastic napkin holders beg for attention with their haphazard advertisements.


A Sticky Glossy Table

It does not take long after sitting on the cushion-free chairs for a two-foot tall child to come racing in from the playground room. A hand clutches his eye and he begins describing an injury that he has acquired from another child while in the playroom.

Quickly, an energized group of two footers come on the scene. The parents, or “judges,” settle the dispute of who hit whom. However, the dispute is shortly forgotten as their thoughts shift to consumption of calorie rich, endorphin filled pizza.

The group heads back to the germ-filled arena, but one boy lingers. “He sweats a lot. I’m surprised his checks aren’t red,” says the woman in a white and black spring dress to her friends. “[Often I find] his pillow soaked. It’s in our family, we sweat so much.”

The curly brown-haired boy stands attentively although he does not realize the whole conversation at the “big kids table” is about him. Finally it clicks, and he remembers his calling – the ball pit. As he scampers off, his mother explains, “[He sweats] because he moves around so much.”

The Work Station

The Work Station

On the single hanging plasma flat-screen, the Red Sox’s are ahead with a 2-0 lead over their Yankee opponents. Sounds from the game are difficult to hear as the clanking of the pizza pans and families squeal with excitement as they explain various life challenges.

An elderly man wearing a light blue shirt with red and white stripes accompanies his wife sporting a comfy black fleece. Reverently, he does not eat with his cap on his head, as it lays abandoned on the top of the table.

The older couple do not say many words to each other as they sit side by side overlooking the window that frames the rainy parking lot. She leans over and whispers in his ear. Slowly he smiles, and then lets out a quiet chuckle.

It is a relief to know that the world can be simplified through a pint of beer and a slice of life.

About bryancargill

Bryan Cargill is a student at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in journalism with a focus in videography, and a minor in multimedia. When not working at the University of Oregon Student Recreation Center as a graphic artist and videographer, he can be found with a camera making a short documentaries, music videos, or simply capturing the moment. He also enjoys his position as the content developer and videographer for the non-profit, SmartRoots, which focuses on the empowerment of children through sustainable education. Cargill’s hobbies include videography, photography, playing guitar, biking, digital art and learning about innovative forms of alternative energy.
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