Seattle Mariners: Top Tweeters

For every sports team there are going to be numerous people that you could follow on Twitter to get the information you need to be an informed sports fan. Whether it is a beat reporter, a columnist, a TV reporter, or even the team itself.

1. Jerry Brewer is one of my favorite people that I follow on Twitter. He is a sports columnist for the Seattle Times. It is important to be given the nes straight, but there is value in hearing another person’s opinion on a matter. Brewer’s in-game commentary will make you laugh because he will tweet exactly what you are thinking.


2. Geoff Baker is a sports enterprise and investigative reporter for the Seattle Times. A common trend will start to appear that I value humor in addition to insightful information. Baker does a great job of being sarcastic at times as well as giving interesting stats.


3. John Boyle is a sports writer/columnist for Everett Herald who covers most of the Seattle sports teams. Boyle does a great job covering the Mariners and I like the way that he tweets out quotes. He always picks great quotes to share.


4. Shannon Drayer works for the ESPN radio affiliate in Seattle covering the Mariners. She writes for their website and does things such as the post game show. She tweets out stats to back up her points as well as her analysis.


5. Mariners Minors is the official twitter for the minor league teams of the Seattle Mariners. This is a great place to get information about the players that are coming up in their farm system. They tweet out stats, movement of players between teams and in game updates.

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