Tweets from Gaming Culture’s best and brightest

By Travis Loose

Though my love for comics and the Marvel universe is deep and unapologetic, it is not where my professional interest resides.

Gaming culture, +plus feels more in-line with where I’d like to end up in my journalistic career.

That being said, I will post tweets from the writers, bloggers and editors for a variety of gaming entertainment’s best and brightest.

Andy McNamara (@GI_AndyMc) is the editor-in-chief of Game Informer magazine, and Game Informer digital. Every issue of GI is introduced with a letter from the editor (Andy) where he will briefly discuss the current issue and other topical tidbits currently circulating in the gaming world.

For twitter, he maintains a mostly professional presence. He tweets about games he’s playing, as well as news from around the industry.


Ben Reeves (@BenjaminReeves) is an associate editor for Game Informer. Referred to mostly as the whipping boy of the GI staff, his wry style of writing always entertains me. His tweets are mostly responses to other tweets, but occasionally he shares articles from GI as well.


Dennis Scimeca (@DennisScimeca) is a freelance writer for all things Gaming Culture, +Plus. His articles have been published on gaming sites such as: kotaku.comBoston’s NPR station;; and on his own website, His tweets are varied and humorous, but usually reflect something to do with gaming culture.


As far as businesses go, however, IGN and GEEK epitomize all that is relevant to the blossoming thing that is Gaming Culture, +Plus. Reviews, previews, articles, videos — all these things can be found on both sites. While GEEK leans toward technology in video games, IGN covers movies, television and comic books. Both are excellent sources for news about the gaming industry, and all things nerdy otherwise.

From IGN:

From GEEK:

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