STL Cardinals Beat Tweets

BY Devin Ream

The St. Louis Cardinals have had a great presence on Twitter for the last 3 years, all their broadcasters use it to send live tweets or to do in-game questions and analysis.  The beat writers that follow this team also show articles beside their own to give the fans of their work even more insight into why they form their opinions in articles.

The best Twitter activists for the Cards are as follows:

    • Jenifer Langosch is the head beat writer for on the St. Louis Cardinals and usually posts to on a daily or every other day basis.  The reason why she is good at what she does on Twitter is because she posts her articles as well as updates on the team roster and statistics at times.

    • Dan McLaughlin is the broadcaster for Fox Sports Midwest, that airs almost all the games.  Twitter is something that he posts on daily, and during the games he will send live updates on scores as well as takes a lot of photos of what is going on before or after games.  He also has a live Twitter feed during the game where certain Twitter users can ask questions to him and he will answer them live during the broadcast.

    • Derrick Goold is the beat writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch and is an active member on Twitter, sometimes even posting vines of the lineup.  Usually after every game he writes about the Cardinals and what they are doing to improve to the next game.  Goold also is really into telling his followers about what is going on inside the clubhouse/front office of the entire organization as well, for the super fans among Cardinal Nation.

    • Bernie Miklasz is the community blogger and sports columnist for (St. Louis Post Dispatch website).  He usually is just a repeater of Derrick Goold but he shows his articles as well as live team updates on every sport related to the St. Louis area, which is great around this time of year when the Stanley Cup playoffs are going on and Cardinals baseball is as well.  Fun Fact:  Both teams are actually very close with each other and regularly attend each others games.

    • Arch City Sports is a blog started in 2012.  It covers all St. Louis area sports, and I mean all of them.  High School, College, Major League anything, Minor League anything, you name it in the sports world of St. Louis and they cover it.  I believe their specialty is in covering all local things going on when sports are going on, like live tweeting and videos of celebrations when a St. Louis area team wins.  The Cardinals coverage is also an insight into the unsaid of all the major publications because they can really express their opinion on the way managing or front office issues are handled.  They also retweet any article that mentions St. Louis teams.

If you are into Cardinals baseball then these are the people you gotta follow on Twitter.  They are good at what they do, and they give you insight as a fan about what the business of baseball is all about.

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