Sports in Society: The People Who Aren’t Afraid To Speak Up

Understanding the complexities around and within sports requires researching numerous types of views and opinions of athletes, veterans, critics, reporters, lawyers, the list goes on. The equalities and rights of athletes and coaches goes beyond the playing field. The following people are contributing and addressing the progression of sports in society:


Kristi Dosh,  is a sports business reporter, attorney, author and a sports management instructor. She recently published her first book, Saturday Millionaires, highlighting college football programs and its impact on the institution.


You Can Play Project is an organization that advocates for LQBTQ Athletes


Marc Edelman is an Associate Professor of Law at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York. He specializes in sports law, antitrust, intellectual property, and gaming law.

Monday Morning QuarterBack(MMQB) is an NFL analysis blog. Writers and Contributors: Richard Sherman Peter King Jenny Vrentas Robert Klemko Greg A. Bedard

Louis Riddick is an ESPN Analyst, former NFL Scout and NFL Veteran.

Ivan Maisel is a senior writer for ESPN covering college football.

About Michaela Gilmer

I am a full-time student majoring in Journalism at the University of Oregon. I am passionate about working in either sports or music. For my entire life, I have wanted to develop my career around helping others and I plan on doing just that through reporting journalism. I believe journalism is a literary art form, but is also rooted in social action because journalists create ideas and stories that generate numerous responses and actions. For example, if I write a story about a low-budget high school where men’s basketball could no longer be offered, anyone who reads my story could take action on the issue I presented. Individuals may contact the school board and demand a meeting about the budget and the severity of cutting men’s basketball. I want to cover this aspect of journalism because I want to expose these issues in order to lead to action in changing them. I want to work in sports because there are many complexities with both amateur and professional sports. I want to write about ethics and politics within sports, specifically baseball, basketball and football. There needs to more research about NBA/NFL/MLB fines and how these fines are not the answer to fixing problems. Ultimately, my goal is to write and work for ESPN the Magazine. I am seeking work and internship opportunities in writing, reporting, branding, digital media, marketing, business journalism and event planning/organizing.
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