Sports Broadcasting on Twitter

By: Alex Guarino

Today, its so easy to follow sports broadcasters on Twitter. You can easily follow live game updates, sports news, and even random thoughts from these talented broadcasters. They help us stay connected through social media, and make it easy to read, as well as making it fun to follow their daily career tasks.

1. The now Fox Sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews, who has more than 2 million followers on Twitter, keeps us updated on her new job hosting Dancing With The Stars as well as updating us on new sports stories. She makes the reader feel like were with her at her reporting jobs as well as making it known she is a trustworthy source to follow. You can clearly see her passion and love for sports as well as her new host job with Dancing With The Stars.


2. Charissa Thompson, who is the Fox Sports Live host, keeps us updated on sport statistics with her tweets but also shows her personality by posting funny and relatable tweets.

3. Sage Steele is another great broadcaster. She is the host for NBA Countdown with ESPN/ABC. She shows her love of basketball with her tweets. You can tell she knows what she is talking about, you don’t really get a sense of her personality as much as the others; but she does tweet valuable information for basketball games.

These women really keep me inspired to become a sports broadcaster by their Twitter accounts. There are so many more successful women in the field I follow as well, but these are my top 3 I enjoying following on Twitter, as well as watching on TV. Their constant posting on Twitter keeps their fans updated and really shows us the love for their career.

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