Red Sox Beat Tweets

By: Alex Altman


A major league baseball team is going to have a lot of people and organizations that tweet about them.  The Boston Red Sox are no exception, and my five favorite Red Sox tweeters are as follows:


1) WEEI is a radio station that broadcasts New England events. They have over 65,000 followers and their tweets keep their fans updated by providing breaking news regarding Boston sports.

2) Don Orsillo has been the Red Sox tv play-by-play announcer for NESN since 2001. He has just about 72,000 followers and he post tweets about his everyday life; yet, they all regard the Red Sox.

3) Adam Kaufman is a writer and broadcaster for He works in the sports department and his tweets are frequent Red Sox updates that are often funny and witty.

4) Gary Striewski is the Boston Red Sox sideline reporter. This is his first year at the position and he works with New England Sports Network (NESN). He has just over 2,000 followers and he tweets about the Red Sox and what the players are saying before and after the game.

5) NESN is the television channel that airs the Red Sox games in the New England area. While they post tweets about all sports, Boston sports news dominate the feed. They have 157,000 followers.

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