Local Broadcasters and Twitter

With Twitter as a main news source for many Americans, it has become increasingly important that news broadcasters use Twitter. Broadcasters that use Twitter to keep their viewers informed appear more reliable, up to date and modern. There are many great examples of local newscasters using Twitter in an effective manner.

In the San Francisco area, Dan Ashely is a well-known and well-liked broadcaster. In looking at his Twitter profile, I noticed how often he tweets. He also provides link to the local ABC news website and other sites so that readers can get more information. Many users are likely to follow links on social media so this tactic is very smart and sets him apart in my opinion.  Here are some of his tweets:

Another local broadcaster whose Twitter profile I was impressed by is John Bachman of WSB-TV Action News in Atlanta, Georgia. With about 13,000 tweets, Bachman uses Twitter very frequently. He also posts personal pictures, re-tweets his co-workers and uses Twitter to direct readers to the news shows. Here are examples of his tweets:

Nicole Koglin, a Milwaukee news anchor for FOX6 WakeUp News, is an active Twitter user. Her tweets are unique because she posts a lot of backstage photos, breaking news, and responds to her fans. These types of tweets seem  to make her relatable and likable, potentially allowing her news show to gain viewers. Here are examples of each of those kinds of tweets:

I really like Lisa Sylvester’s, a news anchor for WPXI Channel 11 News in Pittsburgh, Twitter profile. Her tweets keep her connected with the community and I liked how she posted previews for upcoming news shows. She also has some fun photos!

I noticed that Dennis Bounds of  KING 5 News in Seattle was tweeting at 10 o’clock at night. A news anchor using Twitter after hours sets him apart from others, in my opinion. Many people view Twitter late at night and he is making sure he is keeping in contact with them. He tweets about a variety of things including local sports, interesting news and humorous tweets. His different tweets and re-tweets keep him relevant and personable to his viewers and I think he excels at Twitter.

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