Fashion Tweets

By: Michelle Miley 

1. Yvan Rodic (aka Facehunter) is one of my favorite tweeters when it comes to fashion. He travels all around the world sharing his experiences and photos, usually of “street style.” He is currently in Colombia working with a jewelry label called Flor Amazona.

2. Amy Odell (@amyodell) is a fashion blogger in NYC and is the editor for She is also the editor for women’s interest and lifestyle section on Buzzfeed. Odell is very popular on Twitter and is even followed by major companies such as Nasty Gal and Versace. She keeps her tweets pretty casual and is not afraid to speak her mind which I really admire.

3. My favorite company that I follow would definitely be Nasty Gal (@NastyGal). The brand is known for it’s funky clothes and outrageous styles. Their tweets are usually pictures from their latest shoots and catalogues.

4. Dani Stahl is the Editor-at-Large for one of my favorites, Nylon Magazine. She is also a stylist and consultant. Basically she has my dream job!

5.  Blair Eadie is a fashion blogger who I recently followed on Twitter. The pictures she posts of recent trends are my favorite.

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