Who Hangs Out In Downtown Eugene?

By: Alex Altman

EUGENE, Ore. –  Downtown Eugene has a plethora of activities to take part in during the warm weeks of April.  You may see people selling street art, eating local foods or even enjoying an evening stroll. People who call downtown Eugene their home, such as Shayna Mcgarity, feel that there is something else that makes the epicenter of this town so great. “I love the friendly people,” Mcgarity said, “no matter where you go, people are friendly.”


Mcgarity (left) enjoys downtown Eugene cuisine.

The landscape and design of downtown is another desirable aspect to many.  It has a modern feel, but with an old town vibe. “It’s spacious with large sidewalks and lots of open places to hang out.” Says local musician musician Chris Przybyla, who spends a lot of time downtown. He enjoys taking his guitar out on a nice day and playing some tunes in public.


Chris Przybyla playing his guitar in Kesey Square.

Many people work in downtown Eugene to keep businesses thriving. Grace Kaplowitz is the vendor for the famous food cart Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company. She is satisfied how downtown Eugene is run, but felt there could be some improvements, “I think there needs to be more businesses and activities.” Kaplowitz said, “More businesses that are purposeful rather than just wandering.” She also addressed the need for more family friendly activities and more things to do during the night.


Grace Kaplowitz working in Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company.

For more information on downtown Eugene click here

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