What makes Whiteaker so unique?

By, Arturo “Tito” Onesto Jr.

EUGENE, Ore. – Whiteaker is a lively place, full of restaurants and interesting people. But what makes this place so special to visitors, residents, and business owners? Is it the lively atmosphere? Is it the large selection of restaurants? Or is it the people?

Papa's Soul Food

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen

On the business side of things Papa’s Soul Food manager, Joshua Hosaka had to say, “Whiteaker is a one of a kind place and it is growing every day.” He also feels like there is also room for improvement in the neighborhood, when he added, “I think more diversity would be good for the neighborhood. I don’t just mean race, I mean more people from the Eugene Community”.

Olive Del Sol a University of Oregon student who is a frequent visitor to the Whiteaker had this to say, “This is the most neighborhood type of place in Eugene. The roots of a rebellion are here in Whiteaker. It’s the underground scene. This is a neighborhood with identity. Where else in Eugene has this?”

While residents of the Whiteaker community feel like the sense of community is what makes this place special. Melissa and Reilly Farrell have been living in Whiteaker for over a year. Melissa had this to say. “People are always walking around. It’s much more of a community here. Neighbors actually talk to each other. People are friendly.” Reilly then added, “The only downside is we live between the homeless shelter and the mission so we get a lot of foot traffic and people being loud,” and “we have found needles in our backyard. It’s fine that people are staying in our area but when you find used needles in your own backyard, you see the downside.”

Ninkasi Brewing Company

Ninkasi Brewing Company

The Whiteaker is a very inviting place, whether its dining, walking around taking in the murals painted on various walls around Whiteaker or just plain hanging out you’re bound to have a good time in this neighborhood.

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