The People of Downtown Eugene

By: Alex Guarino

Chris Przybyla enjoying the beautiful weather in Downtown Eugene

Chris Przybyla enjoying the beautiful weather in Downtown Eugene

EUGENE, Oregon-Downtown Eugene is a place where people go to enjoy food, shopping, visual arts, performing arts, or just to go and hangout and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s a diverse and creative scene and it’s continuing to grow and improve every day.

“It’s spacious with large sidewalks and lots of open spaces to hang out,” said Chris Przybla. He loves to come downtown to relax and hang out. But he does think that that it needs to have more cheap places to eat. There is a selection of food carts in the area, like for example, Delacata, which has been around for two years and has been named ‘Eugene’s Best Food Cart’ twice.” There is also a grocery store downtown called Kiva Grocery Store. Along with grocery shopping, you can also have sandwiches, espresso, and salads made to order at Kiva.

Grace Kaplowitz working at Cousin Jacks Pasty Company

Grace Kaplowitz working at Cousin Jacks Pasty Company

When we came across Grace Kaplowitz, a woman who works at Oregon Cousin Jacks Pasty Company, a food cart in downtown Eugene said, “I really love how social it is. There are so many instances of people and things going on.” But there are things that needs to be improved though, “I think there needs to be more business and activities – more businesses that are open and purposeful activity rather than just wandering. More family friendly things and more night life.” There are many people in this area that love to walk their pets along with enjoying the weather around this time of the year. Downtown Eugene comes alive with more action, more commerce, more helping when the weather turns nice.

Shayna Mcgarity, a local, who lives in downtown Eugene also loves how friendly everyone is, “no matter where you go, people are friendly.” Mcgarity said she thinks that the downtown area doesn’t really need to improve on anything now that they cleaned it up “as far as homeless people goes.” The city of Eugene has really cracked down on homeless people this year. The city of Eugene said they’d soon open a third homeless rest stop on Leo Harris Parkway. They are really trying to clean up the streets of Eugene, and figure out a solution to the problem.

The people of Downtown Eugene

(Left) Shayna Mcgarity enjoying her day in Downtown Eugene

Downtown Eugene is filled with many different types of people. The people of Downtown Eugene captures the pulse of this area. Downtown Eugene is unlike any other place on this planet.


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