Downtown Eugene Inhabitants

BY Katie Rosenblad


(photo by: Michelle Miley) Chris Przybyla is a local artist who entertains those who walk through Kesey Square with his musical skills on the guitar.

EUGENE, Ore.   Full of welcoming people and a variety of businesses, downtown Eugene is a place for all to visit. “It’s spacious with large sidewalks and lots of open spaces to hang out,” said Chris Przybyla. Pryzybyla often chooses to take advantage of the opportunity this provides by playing his guitar in Kesey Square during the afternoon for all to hear.  He is one of many that makes Grace Kaplowitz, an employee for Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company food stand, enjoy working in the downtown area.


(photo by: Michelle Miley) Grace Kapowitz waits for customers to come to Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company food cart.

She said she really likes how social downtown Eugene is because there are so many people and businesses with things always going on. Kaplowitz’s only criticism is that she would like to see even more businesses and activities downtown. Especially “more businesses that are open, and purposeful activity rather than just wandering. More family friendly things and more night life.”

Meanwhile, Shayna Mcgarity, who works in downtown Eugene and lives in the neighborhood, thinks the area is fine. She too enjoys the atmosphere of the community. “I love the friendly people, and how everybody is friendly. No matter where you go, people are friendly,” said Mcgarity. This friendliness has gone as far as to clean up downtown and improve it, which is why Mcgarity thinks downtown Eugene isn’t in need of any more improvements. She said, “[T]hey’ve really cleaned up downtown as far as homeless people goes. They try to help people who are unfortunate and homeless.”


(photo by: Michelle Miley) Grabbing a bite to eat at Wrap City downtown, Shayna Mcgarity (left) and her friends enjoy the Eugene culture.


Checkout these Facebook links for more info on the great eateries the locals were visiting in this article:

Wrap City

Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company





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