Beat: PAC-12 Baseball

Photo and Text By Katie Rosenblad

In an early season game against Seattle University, A.J. Balta runs for first base.

In an early season game against Seattle University, A.J. Balta of the Oregon Ducks runs for first base.

I have always been into sports and as I have gotten older my love for them has only increased. My sophomore year of high school I was introduced to sports photography and further introduced into the sport of baseball. I then started covering my high school baseball team and have since felt the need to continue photographing and following baseball.

I currently attend as many home baseball games at the University of Oregon taking pictures of both Oregon and their opponents in PK Park. It is a beautiful sport that I love to witness and capture as best I can. The the sounds of the ball colliding with a bat or a glove, “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” blasting on the loudspeaker, and all of the little elements that go into a big play that can be captured in a picture: Baseball is America’s pastime.

The Pac-12 is making its name for itself in collegiate sports and with the spring it is getting ready to do so again with baseball. The 12 teams in the Pac-12 are: The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, The University of California, The University of Colorado, The University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Stanford University,  University of California – Los Angeles, The University of Southern California, The University of Utah, The University of Washington, and Washington State University. I will be following all of these teams to highlight informative notes from the season, captivating photos, and to see which teams make it to Omaha for the College World Series this summer.

All of these Pac-12 teams can be followed on Twitter with up-to-date scores during games, player status updates, and more:














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