Beat: Capturing Videography

Bryan Cargill in Action

Photo by Cody Rappaport • Antwerp, Belgium

By: Bryan Cargill

My whole life I have been fascinated by the art of videography. The way that you can capture a moment, and manipulate our world is almost magical. Ever since junior year of high school when I received a small flip camera for Christmas at age 18, I have been restless producing videos.

I love making all kinds of videos such as short documentaries, music videos, tutorials, and even some experimental work. I know doing videography for a living would make for a satisfying life and career path.

Videography is growing rapidly, as this medium becomes the strongest form for distributing ideas and promotional advertising due to the powerful audio and visual component. Many companies have taken note of this. Without a video linked to your website, you are behind on the times.

Being a good videographer is more than just filming. One of the best tips I ever heard was that when filming, you must keep the editing process in mind at all times. According to, “Film executives understood that once you grasped the concepts of editing, it was much easier to learn camera work…”

One of my favorite videographers is Ash Bolland who is a director of various well known commercials, films, and music videos. One of my favorite music videos by him is Simple Plan’s, “This Song Saved My Life.”

Ash Bolland Taking a Selfie

Ash Bolland Taking a Selfie

However if it is difficult to get in contact with Mr. Bolland, Eugene, Oregon, has an abundance of local videographers and production companies that focus on everything from business promotion, commercials, music videos and documentaries.

Chambers Productions is a Eugene based company that specializes in the creation of promotional videos for businesses small and large, feature films, and web videos. They have a their own studio, recording room, and a host of other resources to create quality video products.

Photo by Chambers Productions • On the Set of Wicked, 2009

Photo by Chambers Productions • On the Set of Wicked, 2009

Mneme Media is also based locally in Eugene. Though a smaller company, they produce high quality wedding videos, various promotional projects, environmental content and even photography.

Photo by Mneme Media • Lunar Eclipse, April 14th, 2014

Photo by Mneme Media • Lunar Eclipse, April 14th, 2014

BeigeBox Productions, and Happily Ever After Films are also notable videography and film resources in the Eugene, Oregon area.


About bryancargill

Bryan Cargill is a student at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in journalism with a focus in videography, and a minor in multimedia. When not working at the University of Oregon Student Recreation Center as a graphic artist and videographer, he can be found with a camera making a short documentaries, music videos, or simply capturing the moment. He also enjoys his position as the content developer and videographer for the non-profit, SmartRoots, which focuses on the empowerment of children through sustainable education. Cargill’s hobbies include videography, photography, playing guitar, biking, digital art and learning about innovative forms of alternative energy.
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