Beat: Seattle Mariners

By Matt Scotton

Seattle Mariners Logo

Often times it seems like a majority of baseball fans have loved the sport of baseball since they were children, but that was not the case for me. I have not always loved baseball. Growing up no one in my family, including myself, cared about baseball; I thought it was boring. That all changed when I got into high school.

During that time I started to expand my horizons by watching all types of sports and it did not take long to realize that I had been missing out on something great. My love for baseball continued to grow from there and I finally went to my first MLB game last weekend in Seattle. The Oakland A’s defeated the Seattle Mariners 3-1.

I wanted to make sure I was following the best people reporting on the Seattle Mariners because I wanted to style my writing and reporting after them.

Jerry Brewer is a sports columnist for the Seattle Times Sports section as well as the co-host of Elise and Jerry on Sports Radio KJR. Jerry writes about more than just the Mariners, but he has a great way of making it easy to understand as well as add a little humor.


Ryan Divish is the Mariners beat writer for the Seattle Times. Divish is one of the go-to people for the Seattle recap. The other person is Bob Dutton, the Mariner beat writer for the Tacoma News Tribune.

The TV voice of the Seattle Mariners, Dave Sims, is also a great resource. Sims does a lot of things in the national sports world, but he is also in his eighth season with the Mariners. And lastly I turn to the reporter for Mariners, Greg Johns.

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