Beat: Sports Anchors

By: Alex Guarino

FoxSports Anchors Erin Andrew's and Charissa Thompson

FoxSports Anchors Erin Andrew’s and Charissa Thompson

Sports are one of my greatest passions in life. I grew up participating and watching all different kinds of sports with my family. Sports have been a lifestyle for me and still is to this day. Though its difficult to get to a high level like Erin Andrew’s or Charissa Thompson, its what I strive to hopefully do in the future.

There are so many successful sports anchors out there on TV, but there are a few women sports anchors that I look up to.

Sage Steele who is the host of NBA countdown Fridays and Saturdays on ESPN. Her first sports reporting job was CBS affiliate in South Bend, Indiana where she was a news producer and reporter. Steele started reporting with ESPN on March 16,2007 on the 6:00 p.m ET edition of Sportscenter.

Erin Andrews who is currently the host of FOX college football for Fox Sports. She first started out as a freelance reporter for Fox Sports Florida in 2000. In May 2004, she started working for ESPN National Hockey Night. She also was reporting for College World Series, Little League World Series, and Great Outdoor Games. Shortly after, her career expanded to covering ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime and Big Ten college basketball games. In 2005, her career expanded even more where she started sideline reporting ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime and Major League Baseball. In 2012 she left ESPN to join Fox Sports where she was the first host of Fox College Football’s studio show with Eddie George and Joey Harrington who join her as analysts.

Some other notable sports anchors are Charissa Thompson and Lindsay Czarniak

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