Beat Report on the Boston Red Sox

By Alex Altman


I was raised in a household where sports ruled supreme. Playing and watching sports consumed my entire childhood and I knew as a kid that I wanted to do something with sports for my career.  Marblehead, Massachusetts is a small-town near Boston where I spent (and continue to spend) all of my summers. Most of my family lives there and I was raised a Boston sports fan. I love going back there every summer and I strive to someday live there and work for New England Sports Network (NESN) as a videographer. I’ve been a die-hard Red Sox fan my entire life and to be able work for the organization I’ve looked up to my entire life would be a dream come true.

There are a few different journalists I’m planning on getting in contact with:

Adam Kaufman is a sports broadcaster/writer for He is originally from Massachusetts and he also works with CBS Sports.



Ricky Doyle is a Massachusetts native who is the senior assistant editor for NESN in the MLB/Red Sox department.



Jerry Remy has been the NESN television broadcaster since 1988 and is an ex Boston Red Sox player. Don Orsillo has been the other Red Sox broadcaster for NESN since 2001.


Anna Fogel grew up in Illinois and is currently an assistant editor at NESN’s media department.


I’m excited to get in contact with people who work with the Red Sox and possibly build connections for my dream job.

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