The Heart of Eugene


Voodoo Doughnuts is famous for its unusual and unique variety of doughnuts.

BY Katie Rosenblad

EUGENE, Ore. — Downtown Eugene is unlike many other downtown areas I have spent time in. It has a style of its own that is retro with touches of new and old. It is full of creativity and color. Down its main streets people sit outside casually enjoying the splendors local businesses have to offer, while also welcoming the sun and taking a moment to smile.

Through the streets of downtown Eugene one can find many small shops, clubs, theaters and eateries to explore. Some of the venues include: Voodoo Doughnuts, Sizzle Pie, Cowfish, Townshend’s Eugene Teahouse, Bijou Metro, and sidewalk vendors.


Sizzle Pie directs traffic to its doors with sidewalk signs along the way to greet new and old customers.


Located just across from Ken Kesey Square sits Sizzle Pie and its irresistible aroma of fresh pizza.


The streets of Downtown Eugene are lined with many small shops and businesses to explore such as Townshend’s Eugene Teahouse and the Bijou Metro.


Cowfish Dance Club is lively in the evenings of Downtown Eugene with cocktails, dancing, and more.



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