Downtown Eugene

By Alex Guarino 

photo 2

Street Vendors out selling their one of a kind art on the streets of Downtown Eugene

photo 1

People in Downtown Eugene enjoying the beautiful weather, as well as the food carts.


Today, my group and I went and explored downtown Eugene. Its a very unique and hipster part of town. It was a beautiful day in Eugene, so downtown was packed full of people walking around, exercising, and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

There were multiple food carts and resturants that cater to all kinds of people including  vegans and vegetarians. You can experience art and culture in downtown Eugene by visiting McDonald Theater that has been opened since 1925, there are multiple talented street vendors all throughout downtown, and there are even Art Walks as well as local Farmers Markets that attract tons of people. Its very easy to connect to downtown Eugene; its either a taxi, bike or bus ride away from anything downtown.

photo 4

Cowfish Bar

photo 5

The front of McDonald Theater

Downtown Eugene is filled with local, family-owned businesses that provide a great sense of community. Its a very enjoyable part of Eugene that I never really got to experience until today.

photo 3

The popular Eugene Teahouse

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