Downtown Eugene Soaks Up the Sun

    By: Michelle Miley

EUGENE, Ore. — This past Wednesday afternoon our reporting 1 group strolled the streets of  downtown Eugene and gathered some wonderful photos. Everyone had a smile on  their face as they basked in the sun. We encountered some rather interesting people and hit the local hot spots such as Sizzle Pie, Voodoo Doughnut, McDonald Theatre, Bijou Metro and the Eugene Teahouse. Downtown Eugene is also notorious for its Saturday Market where various people come to enjoy the great food, eccentric music and rather unique art.


Eugene locals gather to sell their pieces such as art, jewelry and even fish hooks.


The Eugene Teahouse is known for its 100+ teas and its infamous couches that create a vintage vibe.


Sizzle Pie is known for its great pizza and diverse menu that is even vegan friendly!


Voodoo Doughnut is a hit amongst local college students, whether if it’s for breakfast or a late night snack.


The McDonald Theatre is a historic performance arts venue where you can experience an array of live music weekly.


The Bijou Metro is the second Bijou Arts Cinema in Eugene. It is known for playing artsy and indie films.

Click on the links to learn more information about:

The Eugene Teahouse

Sizzle Pie

Voodoo Doughnut

McDonald Theatre

Bijou Metro

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