Students respond to EMU’s renovations & expansion



EUGENE, Ore. — The ERB Memorial Union (EMU), located at the heart of University of Oregon’s campus, has already begun Phase 1 and 2 of its renovations. The EMU serves as a popular meeting place for students with areas to eat, study and hangout. It has even been featured in the classic movie “Animal House.” With the ongoing growth of the student population, it has become necessary to renovate and expand this historic spot.

The renovations are expected to be completed by Summer 2016 for a grand opening. Students will be expected to pay $67/term to help fund this $95 million project. With tuition already at a high, these renovations have left many upperclassmen and even some professors not very thrilled.

Here are some of the students and faculties thoughts:

“I won’t be here by the time it is finished, so I won’t be able to really enjoy it.” – Victor, Digital Arts, Junior.

“I’m a senior so I don’t like having to pay for it since I’m not going to be here or be able to use it.” – Megan Tewalt, Art Major

“I’m not overjoyed with the renderings. I would think that if you were going to tear down the building and build a new one it would be a phenomenal improvement. From what I see, I’m not convinced it will be that … but I have an enormous amount of respect for the firm that’s doing the project.” – Brooke Muller, Associate Professor of Architecture

To find out more information, visit:

UO’s renovation site

Daily Emeralds, EMU renovation reflects changing student body

KVALs, UO student fees go up to pay for EMU, rec center renovations

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