Third Times The Charm for the EMU

EMU cerca 1950

EMU cerca 1950

By: Mark McField

EUGENE, Ore. – The Erb Memorial Union at the University of Oregon is currently being renovated since it’s opening over 60 years ago and it’s last expansion over 30 years ago. Some of the updates include a movie and multipurpose theater, a bike center, and a campus pub. However, this project comes at a shiny price tag of about $95 million mainly through student fees.

Some students feel the renovation is necessary for a smoother transition throughout the building and locating organizations or rooms within it. “I can’t ever find anything in it and people look at me funny whenever I ask for directions,” says Ren DeCherney, an architecture student. In addition to DeCherney, Ali Raymond shares the same opinion stating, “I haven’t seen the plans for redesign, but I’m excited they’re redesigning it because I have the same problem.”

Current EMU

Current EMU

While the EMU is under renovation, MacArthur Court, which used to be the home of the University of Oregon basketball and volleyball teams, will temporarily house numerous student unions and clubs. Although this will affect some students who are a part of certain organizations, others feel fairly indifferent about the updates to the student union. One particular student, Brentano Guiliano, says, “As long as it doesn’t affect me I’m fine with it.”

The new EMU is scheduled to open Fall 2016.

For more information regarding the EMU renovation, click here.


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