Erb Memorial Building Renovation Project: Will It Be Worth It?

By: Michaela J. Gilmer

EUGENE, Ore.–University of Oregon’s Erb Memorial Building (EMU) has set renovations plans to expand the building in order to enhance campus experience. The building has been operating for over 60 years and serves many groups and organizations on campus.

However, as stated in the renovation plans on the University’s web page, “the existing building no longer adequately meets the University’s expanding needs.” Many renovations plans are already underway. The Multicultural Center and all student Unions have been relocated to The Break in the bottom level of the current EMU. Other groups such as ASUO and club sports were recently moved to a part of McArthur Court, the university’s previous basketball arena until it was relocated and renamed Matthew Knight Arena in 2011.

Many students, staff and faculty utilize the EMU for a variety of services including but not limited to ticket sales, restaurants and events. The purpose for the expansion is to serve and better impact all students by creating more resources and services.

Interior Architecture Graduate Students, Ren DeCherney and Alexandra Raymond, both hope the new EMU building will be better. “I can never find anything in it.” “People always look at me funny when I ask for directions,” DeCherney said. “I haven’t seen the plans but I am hoping it will be better because I can never find anything,” Raymond concluded.

The renovations will have an impact on many students. In particular those who are a part of student groups. “As long as it doesn’t effect me, I am fine with it [renovation plans],” said Brentano Giuliano, undergraduate student. The current status for the grand opening of the EMU is set for summer 2016.

For more information about renovation plans, click here.

The EMU Amphitheater is a popular scenic spot on campus for students to hang out in between classes or study. Photo by Michaela Gilmer and Sutton Raphael.

The EMU Amphitheater is a popular scenic spot on campus for students to hang out in between classes or study. Photo by Michaela Gilmer and Sutton Raphael.


About Michaela Gilmer

I am a full-time student majoring in Journalism at the University of Oregon. I am passionate about working in either sports or music. For my entire life, I have wanted to develop my career around helping others and I plan on doing just that through reporting journalism. I believe journalism is a literary art form, but is also rooted in social action because journalists create ideas and stories that generate numerous responses and actions. For example, if I write a story about a low-budget high school where men’s basketball could no longer be offered, anyone who reads my story could take action on the issue I presented. Individuals may contact the school board and demand a meeting about the budget and the severity of cutting men’s basketball. I want to cover this aspect of journalism because I want to expose these issues in order to lead to action in changing them. I want to work in sports because there are many complexities with both amateur and professional sports. I want to write about ethics and politics within sports, specifically baseball, basketball and football. There needs to more research about NBA/NFL/MLB fines and how these fines are not the answer to fixing problems. Ultimately, my goal is to write and work for ESPN the Magazine. I am seeking work and internship opportunities in writing, reporting, branding, digital media, marketing, business journalism and event planning/organizing.
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