EMU undergoes renovations, students respond

EMU R1BY Travis Loose EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon’s Erb Memorial Union (EMU) is being renovated in order to accommodate the ever-expanding university population. The EMU, UO’s main hub for students, contains the food court, meeting rooms, and various offices for the many student, staff, and faculty organizations on campus. Since the construction began, many of those offices have had to be closed and relocated to make way for the structural improvements that UO officials hope will better suit the university’s needs. Phase 1 for group moves began on 13 Dec., and phase 2 took place on 20 Mar. With the moves, however, come opinions. Students had this to say: “I think it’s nice. I’m going to miss the old-school feel of it, but I think I’ll like the modern look too.” – Theresa Nguyen, a pre-business administration major. “I think it’s a little inconvenient. People are being kicked out of their offices … we used to have our meetings down by the Silver Chair, and right now it’s been difficult because we haven’t had a place to meet because of the renovations.” – Samantha Rago, humanities major. Construction and renovations have an expected completion date of 2016. For more information, visit the UO’s EMU renovation site. Related stories: KEZI: Construction begins at EMU The Daily Emerald: Students share their thoughts on the EMU renovations

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