EMU Renovations: Present Issues for Future Progress


EMU Photo

By Devin Ream

EUGENE, Ore. — The Erb Memorial Union (EMU), the central hub for all activity at the University of Oregon, has had new renovations proposed that are going to make the EMU even more centralized for UO students.With a larger atrium, room for all club offices, a flatter East Lawn for events, and new dining options, this remodel will not be just for the current generation of students attending the university, but for many more to come.

Despite that, some students view the renovations as something that has no affect on them because they will not be able to even visit the building in 2016 when it is completed.

Victor Thang, a digital arts major, said,  “I won’t be here by the time it is finished, so I won’t be able to really enjoy it.”

Megan Tewalt, an art major, echoed Thang’s sentiment when she said, “I’m a senior, so I don’t like having to pay for it since I’m not going to be here or be able to use it.”

However, if the proposals come to fruition, it could improve the way future students interact on campus, and would also add another Platinum Certified LEED building to the UO’s growing number of environmentally responsible and energy-efficient buildings on campus.

Regardless, even some UO staff see it as a possible problem.

Brooke Muller, an associate professor of architecture, said, “I’m not overjoyed with the renderings. I would think that if you were going to tear down the building and build a new one, it would be a phenomenal improvement. From what I see, I’m not convinced it will be that … but I have an enormous amount of respect for the firm that’s doing the project.”

Only time will tell.

For related stories about the EMU Renovations, and a video showing the plans and what other students think about it, click here.

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