EMU Renovations: One flaw that needs fixing




“Signs like this are all over the EMU letting students know that the EMU is under renovation” BY RUBEN GARCIA


EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon is home to numerous state of the art buildings. From Matthew Knight Arena to the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, the University of Oregon is the mecca for innovative building designs. Although MNK and HDC were built from scratch, renovating a building that is already standing is also something the University of Oregon is accustomed to. Having already begun renovations on the Student Recreational Center, efforts were recently made to renovate the one place where student life is at the forefront. The Erb Memorial Union better known as the EMU is in the early stages of renovation. With resources diminishing and CO2 emissions on the rise there is no question as to why the university hired Sustainable Design for the Built Environment (SERA) to revamp the EMU. SERA is committed to changing the world through sustainable building design. SERA has taken on a large task in their campaign to renovate the EMU.

Current students at the University of Oregon are not too fond of the current EMU and they are hoping SERA’s plan comes to fruition. The main design flaw that the EMU has is the lack of simplicity in the building. There are numerous floors, numberous rooms, numerous staircases but no cohesive way to get around. Architecture students Ren DeCherney and Ali Raymond were quick to point out this major flaw. “I hope they make it better. I can’t ever find anything in it and then people look at me funny when I ask for directions”, said Ren DeCherney. Ali Raymond responded with a similar response, “I haven’t seen the plans for redesign but I’m excited they’re redesigning it because I have the same problem.” Most students like Ren DeCherney and Ali Raymond have an opinion on the matter, however there are others that have no care for the redesign.

Rancho Santa Margarita native Brentano Giuliano was very nonchalant when asked about the renovations, “As long as it doesn’t effect me I’m fine with it”. For those of you that do in fact care about the renovations you can find the complete mock up of the new EMU here.

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