EMU renovations: friend or foe?

 Image                           By Alex Altman

EUGENE, Ore. – The Erb Memorial Union (EMU) building, located on the University of Oregon campus, is going through some renovations. They are expanding the EMU in attempt to make it a pleasurable spot for students to hang out after school hours. Some notable additions will be adding a bike center, new food options, and even a pub.

Many students are excited about the centerpiece of their campus being changed, “I think I’m going to miss the old-school feel of it,” student Theresa Nguyen remarks, “but when I’m there, it’s really hard to find seats and I heard they are putting in new seats for everyone.”

This process will cost millions of dollars, but how are they funding this massive project? Increase in tuition. Students have mixed feelings about spending more money to have a new EMU. It has also been a burden to people who currently work in the EMU, Samantha Rago explains, “I think it’s a little inconvenient because people are being kicked out of their offices. I’m with OSPIRG and it’s difficult because we haven’t had a place to meet because there are renovations down there.”

The new EMU will cost $95 million to renovate and the construction will be completed in Summer 2016.

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