EMU Renovation is Met with Mixed Reactions

EMU SignBy Matt Scotton

EUGENE, Ore. – A two year, $95 million renovation has begun on the Erb Memorial Union in an attempt to bring upgrades to the heart of the University of Oregon campus.

During the EMU construction, many of the the student organizations and clubs will be relocated to McArthur Court (known as the EMU South during the renovation). “It’s going to be a tough couple of years and there will be all those offices in Mac Court and I don’t think students will want to walk that far,” said Tim McMahon. “But overall it’ll be great.”

The renovation will try to dramatically upgrade the part of EMU that was built in the 1970’s, while trying to keep most of The Fishbowl intact in addition to much of the original building which was built in 1950. “It’s important to renovate because the 70s side isn’t working, the basic stuff isn’t working,” said Keith Van Norman. “There’ll be some growing pains but it’ll be better in the long run.”

While many people are excited for the renovations, not everyone shares this sentiment. “It kind of sucks for me because I’ll be out of a job when it starts,” said Allyx Pershingo, an employee at The Fishbowl. “I’ll need to find another source of income. As a student, I have to pay fees and find a way to pay the bills.”

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