Alex Guarino-Aspiring Sports Broadcaster


I was born in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when I was three years old. I am currently attending the University of Oregon where I am pursuing a major in Journalism. I hope to one day be a sports anchor, as well as working with video.

I have grown up with a passion in sports. Throughout my childhood I participated in all kinds of sports, which is when I knew I wanted to have a career that involved some kind of sport. I was a cheerleader since I was 4 years old. Being a cheerleader prepared me with traits I would use in my future. Cheerleading taught me dedication. Sometimes in life you want to throw in the towel and give up, but with the commitment I had towards my team (and now my dedication to journalism), it kept me from giving up in the tough times. It also taught me how to work with different personalities. I realized that if everyone thought like I did, the world would be a very boring place. Its great to see different things from different perspectives, and I learned to embrace those differences and learn to compromise on those challenges. There is more to life than cheerleading of course, but it has taught me so many positive traits I can use in my future and in my career one day.

My inspirations are Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and of course Nike. My favorite sports to watch are basketball, football, and soccer. I hope to one day be able to report the news in sports, and I am very excited to learn and get better in my profession.


Twitter: @alexguarinooo


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